Finding the time to stain your new furniture can be hard. When you get something new you just want it in your home, enjoying it. And even if you find the time you have to go to the store and search through shelves of different colors hoping to find what you are looking for. Well we would like to make your life a little easier, and offer you the Wood U Finish Finishing Service.

You may be asking yourself, "What does this service do for me?" Well, first of all you have already made a good choice when you purchased one of our quality products for your home. Now, pick one of our 14 gorgeous staining colors to best suit your decor needs. Then an experienced craftsman, right here in the U.S.A, stains your product with your chosen color and in 4 weeks your lovely stained product is at your home ready for use. The reason it takes 4 weeks to deliver is because your product isn't stained until you order it, and it is shipped directly from the staining company right to you, the customer.

All the stains we offer are current and exciting and are made from the highest quality oils, resins, and pigments to ensure the life and beauty of your product. And if you¡¯re worried about trusting the company then rest at ease. Several woodworking magazines have awarded GF Stains their highest recommendations in national competitions. And GF Stains have been full proof for over 40 years! So let someone else do all the work, while you sit and enjoy the end result, and have your item stained in a stylish color today.